To be to the point I want to say when work involves respect, I love to work. When you are appreciated it makes the days far more palatable.  Why deal with a jerk off boss after getting up before the sun rises, deal with kids who don’t want to go to school, and step in a pile of dog shit in the course of the morning.

When we all have a cross to bear with working why make someone else’s day a pain in the butt.  Be nice and let’s work together.

Death Nearby

On Saturday we went to Cedar Pointe in Sandusky Ohio.  It was a decent day weather wise and we were looking forward to riding the coasters and rides.  It had been five years since we made our last trip there.

The weird thing about the experience was the weird aura over the park that day.  It was ominous and there were uneasy vibes.  To start there were five rides in a row that we were on that were delayed by people puking on them.

Then we had four or five rides close down throughout the day either because of technical issues or threat of rain.  The weirdness culminated with an accident on the Skyhawk when a cable broke and hit two people.  We had just ridden that ride an hour and a half before the accident.  Thank God nobody was critically injured. 

My point is that when you ride thrill rides like rollercoasters you are not 100% safe.  There is danger which is why we get high off riding them.  Death could come with that risk.  Again I am happy the victims didn’t die. 


Paddling In the Face of the Storm

Last night with the rolling thunder ahead I paddled out into the lake.  I knew the storm was on the horizon but I paddled in.  I paddled in on my board to commune with God.

When life is rough I take to nature which is the purest connection to God.  Its the link between me, him, and his creation.  I can worship and push myself physically to show that I appreciate the fresh water he provided us with

As I paddled with the looming thunder clouds ahead I saw rays of sunlight push through a couple spots in the sky.  Mist rose up from the water from the heat in the air.  It was serenity before chaos.

Pressure Drop

I longboard to decompress.  To release stress and tension.  I may not look graceful but I feel as free as I can be on my board. Twisting turning…..and kicking for more speed.  It’s how I commune with God on asphalt.  It’s my sanctuary.  Whether doing 40 miles an hour downhill or switchbacks in the parking lot at work.


Road to Health

I was almost 270 pounds 8 months ago when I said screw it.  I was tired of being fat and sluggish.  Now I weigh 230 and feel somewhat better but I have a ways to go.  I seem to be stuck at 230 pounds do I’m going to keep pushing.  This morning I rode my bike 30 minutes for three miles.  It doesn’t sound like much but so far it’s the most I’ve ridden in a long time.  Good morning world!



Who Am I

I’m Brock. I am 37 years old and am trying to improve myself daily.  Not just physically (I’ve lost 35 pounds since last November) but as a person in all ways.  This blog is my way of documenting my life changes, my growth with my family, and a life free of chains holding us back.  I don’t know if I can help anyone else with their life but I’m willing to share my thoughts and experiences with others.